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For these steps, I acquired a Dremel tool. (See below.) This chromed plug fit nicely with the chrome of the toaster. The goal was to do as little change to the outside as possible. But the tradeoff is to have more ugly cables coming out the bottom. This seems to work well and looks okay.
The ugly cables out the bottom. But at least they're not out the top.
Main board is now rotated 90 degress and a system fan is in with a rheostat. It just needs a little air given the natural convection with the open bottom and slots on top; it's pretty much silent even with the fan.
IMG_1494.JPG IMG_1495.JPG
Yes, I couldn't resist. I did get blue LEDs on the fan. Just a faint little light when I walk by the dark room at night.
More dremel work allowed the power plug to be wedged (carelessly) into the hole that the original power plug went through. One less lame looking cord out the bottom. Three to go.
Toaster in its natural habitat. The orange wire is a stop-gap release for the plunger until I either fix the internal electronics, or jury-rig something with one of the original "light-dark" lever controls.....or I forget about it.
IMG_1497 IMG_1498
The faint blue glow from another dimension
Ready for Nutella

Here's a list of expenses incurred. [Bracketed] items ended up being used for something else.
Toaster (Thanks to Bob Henderson) $32.24
Ampro Pentium M LV 1.4G w/ 512 MB EPIC board $1033.00
Internal chassis structural supplies: $20.00
Experimental electronic components:
Solenoid, V comp IC, bread-board, wires, solder....
Power supply: $60.00
3.5 inch 250G SATA drive
(didn't get a nano-ITX board, so
put into another computer)
2.5 inch 100G laptop drive $228.00
Slot loading DVD-RW drive
(Newegg rocks as always)
(So far) unused 512 MB memory card
(the main board came with one)
Dremel tool set
(The whole project was an excuse to get one)
Failed first fan attempt $14.00
Successful second fan attempt $10.00
Miscellaneous cable related efforts $20.00
Seeing the expression on the faces of people trying
to figure out what you're talking about

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