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The power supply goes in on one end.
Initially, I had the connectors go up through one slot and the DVD drive accessible through the other. As you can see, this was kind of ugly, so the main board eventually was rotated 90 degrees.
IMG_1473.JPG IMG_1475.JPG
Minor modification to allow the power supply to slide through.
Power out from underneath. That'll change later too.
First time up and running; taking the temp; this is w/o a system fan. Eventually, I got Speedfan running and it's steady at 69-70 degrees C (even w/ Google Earth or Prime95 running) which should be fine for a Pentium M. There's a system fan in now.
Hey! Someone owes me 0.16 MHz!

Yes, running that OS. It does dual boot to RH Fedora Core 4. But my wife's work is MS encumbered, and that's one of the main reasons for having this system around, for when she gets up at 5:00 AM and wants to check things at work.
Okay, now the important stuff. Flames. This was the solution to getting a suitable post on which the plunger could ride. I needed to secure a nut to the threaded end of this and a torch (normally used in the kitchen for creme brulee) and a bit of solder did the trick nicely.
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